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09:06am 20/11/2003
mood: anxious
Days passed since his love confession to Alicia & he's never been happier. Today, they planned on meeting each other at lunch to spend some time in private & Oliver paced back & forth near the Great Hall entrance, eagerly awaiting Alicia's arrival.

C'mon...where are you?

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12:57pm 18/11/2003
mood: stressed
Okay...Chang's right. I have to do it. I have to do it today. Must tell her today. I WILL tell her today--No, I can't! But I have to! I WANT to. Wait--What do I tell her?! How do I tell her?! She probably doesn't even WANT to know...No, of course she does! Doesn't she? Chang even said--then again, she's not Alicia. I can't base Chang's thoughts with hers. Alrigh'...I'm gonna do it...I think.

Cripes, this is insane...

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01:25pm 16/10/2003
mood: worried
Oliver trugged along the hallways after his Charms class, keeping to himself as he often did these days. Times were under pressure, as well as limited, & he was as stressed as he ever could be at the moment. He had not seen Alicia since he heard about her injury. Even inside the Gryffindor's Common Room, not once did he run into her & he was begining to worry. Worried about her condition, whether or not she was going to recover in time for their next match against Hufflepuff....or was it just worried about her in general? Oliver shook his head to clear his mind, accidently bumping into other students in the hallway, shuffling his bookbag onto his shoulder as the portrait door was just up ahead.

He slurred the password & quickly stepped inside--after the Fat Lady made sense of what he said, & threw his bag onto a table, slumping into an empty chair as he heaved a heavy sigh. He banged his head once on the tabletop & sat there motionless, that is until an owl swooped down & dropped a note next to him.

"What now?..." he moaned.

He turned his head to the side & saw an owl glaring down at him. He recognized this owl & grabbed the note & skimmed it over. He scrambled in his bag for his quill & ink & began writing his reply on the back on her letter.

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Crunching it back up, he returned it back to Cleo & sent her on her way. Oliver reached for his bag & headed up towards the dormitory to throw his things on his bed & to also clean himself up a little. He was looking a little shaggy lately too, he noticed when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He didn't want Alicia to think he was a slob or anything, but with all the stress clouding him, he couldn't really help it.

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11:56am 15/10/2003
mood: contemplative
Oliver sat quietly by the corner inside the Gryffindor Common Room. A book sat open in his hands but he had been staring at the same page for over 15 minutes. He heard other students enter in & out of the room noisily, some walking past him, yet his gaze & focus never left the pages of his book. It was like he was trying to burn a hole right through it, but without much luck. He was more or less thinking things to himself rather than reading, however. Thinking about certain things, as well as certain people, mainly the players on his team.

We didn't get much of a winning chance last year...We HAVE TO win the cup this time. It'll be my last chance. I'll have to schedule practices whenever possible. Won't be easy with all these Dementors on every inch of the school grounds. Still, I'm not going to let a few walking shadows keep us away from the pitch...

After a long while of pretending he was busy reading, Oliver clamped his book shut, stuffing it inside his bookbag lazily & trailed off towards the boy's dormitory.

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